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Volcanic Mangrove

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Below is a second painting in my “earth” series (Arctic Desert being the first). This one is titled Volcanic Mangrove. I documented this painting at each step (well  almost, I missed documenting one layer). I wanted to have the whole process in one blog post so I added entries chronologically, with the most recent entry at the top and the full history below it.

Dimensions of this piece is 16 x 16 inches and it is acrylic on panel.

Layer Nine:

Layer Eight:

Layer Seven:

Layers Five and Six:

Layer Four:
(this needs to be color corrected and re-posted, I’ve moved computer systems around with my studio move and I need to go find the original to this shot.)

Layer Three:

Sometime back at the start of the year I created a series of grounds consisting of pigment that was sprayed onto board, allowed to dry, and then sprayed with a second color and/or third color. In some instances the layers of color were sprayed on wet on wet. The goal was to lay down an initial field of color, as well as create a ground that has an element of random chaos. I’m curious to see if having a more textural ground will require less layers of detailed painting. So this is where the painting began.

Layer Two (red):

Layer One (orange):

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July 16th, 2010 at 10:00 am

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