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Transparency: The making of an 8′ x 14′ painting on commission

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Recently I was awarded a commission for an 8 x 14 foot painting. It will be hung in a new lobby in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA.

I’ve never made a painting this large (my largest to date is 4.5 x 9 feet – on paper), and working nearly twice as big will be a challenge on many levels. What is my materials strategy, how will my process scale up in size, and how long will it really take? What will it be like to create a painting for a client and a specific space as opposed to just painting whatever I want? What don’t I know? How will this expand my working process and move my art forward?

I’m hoping that I answer these questions in the next several months as I do my best to semi-forally document the progress of this particular painting. An artist journal of sorts to keep a detailed record of each step and to make my process transparent to anyone who may be interested in watching as it unfolds.

So it all began by first visiting the site of where the painting will be installed, just to get a feel for the location and space. This is the “before” picture and the wall that my painting will go on.


And here is the architect’s early rendering of what the renovated space will look like (sans my painting) when it is due to officially open in the Fall of 2015:


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April 1st, 2015 at 3:56 pm

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