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Matrix 10, acrylic on panel, detail. (see full painting here)

Art and the collective consciousness

I was at a party one night after a friend’s opening where I was introduced as, “That artist with the big abstract paintings made up of all those tiny marks.” As the conversation pursued, someone laughed saying, “Oh yeah, I remember those! Who would do that?”

I ask myself that question all the time.

The reason for all that tiny mark making, and layers of colors that weave in and out, and collapse on one another, is two fold:

  1. The process of producing the work is a meditative experience for me, and
  2. The work is reflective of my interest in metaphysics, quantum mechanics and the perception of a global consciousness.

I have an underlying belief that what we all think and do communally impacts the greater whole. If we want to turn our world around, improve our economy, stop hate, crime and war, we have to change how we think. Our thinking doesn’t have to be out loud, we just have to change the chatter in our head, and move it away from the negative and push it towards the positive.

Art is a powerful way to help re-direct negative thought patterns.

So, it is through my paintings—and this blog—that I want to contribute to an optimistic dialogue about the collective human consciousness we are creating.

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Lynda Schlosberg

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Written by Lynda Schlosberg

April 30th, 2012 at 9:24 am

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  1. Lynda,
    I love this post. It gives such a clear and vibrant context for your art, makes you want to delve in deeper and meditate in front of your beautiful work.
    A lot of what you say resonates completely for me, particularly when you talk about the meditative part in producing the work and the optimism that you both create and share. I can really sense it in both your paintings and your words.

    andrea wedell

    30 Apr 12 at 3:33 pm

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