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Swarm Intelligence at the New Hampshire Institute of Art

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Here is a video that was produced for the New Hampshire Institute of Art where the collaborative drawing group Swarm Intelligence produced their second installation drawing in February 2012.

Thanks to Alison Williams for hosting us (who is also a core member of the team) and to Leo F. Bonarrigo for this great video!

Written by Lynda Schlosberg

June 5th, 2012 at 8:31 am

Swarm Intelligence Series Part 1: Meet the Artists

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We call ourselves Swarm Intelligence: the collective behavior of decentralized, self-organized systems, natural or artificial.

The group is currently made up of seven artists: Denise Driscoll, Jeffrey Ellse, Michael Finnegan, Keith MacLelland, Carol Myers, Lynda Schlosberg, and Alison Williams. We are all alumni of the Art Institute of Boston, MFA program.

Members of the group participate in each collaborative drawing project as they have the availability. The current project (our third so far) titled: “Many pieces loosely joined,” involves the following four artists.

Stay tuned as I provide details about what it’s like to be part of an artist collaboration—where we have to “check our ego’s at the door” and try to work as if we were one individual!


Denise Driscoll

Denise Driscoll (MFA in Visual Arts, AIB, 2007) uses painting, drawing, sculpture and printing to create collaborative installations and mixed media works. Her curatorial efforts have been featured in the Boston Globe and Artscope Magazine and her individual and collaborative works have been exhibited nationally. Driscoll is an Adjunct Professor at AIB where she teaches courses in installation, drawing and mixed media. Denise is a member of the Lesley University Alumni Council and is Chair of the Council’s newly formed Arts Committee. In 2012, she received the Recent Alumni Award from Lesley University. She currently has a studio in Holliston, MA.


Jeffrey Ellse

Jeffrey Ellse (BFA, AIB, 2004 and MFA in Visual Arts, AIB, 2009) is best known for his highly rendered paintings and drawings. His oil and graphite works explore the importance of the commonplace within modernity. He has shown throughout the New England area. His work has been featured in the Boston Globe, The Boston Phoenix, and Artscope Magazine. Ellse was born in 1981 in Massachusetts to a family of artists and lives and works in the Boston area. He teaches drawing and painting at AIB, the New Hampshire Institute of Art, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Jeffrey works out of Norwood, MA.


Carol Mordecai Myers

Carol Mordecai Myers (MFA in Visual Arts, AIB, 2007) uses various materials and methods to create paintings that draw upon the experience of slowing down and being present. To that end she has recently completed her 200-hour certification as a Yoga instructor and finds that her work on the mat informs her work as an artist and vice versa. Her work has been exhibited at The University of Colorado, The Art Institute of New Hampshire, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and the State Capitol Building in Denver, to name a few. She has taught painting, drawing, color theory, and design at the college level. While hailing from New England she has spent the last 23 years living and working in Colorado.


Lynda Schlosberg

Lynda Schlosberg (MFA in Visual Arts, AIB, 2009) is an abstract painter who creates intricate and complex work inspired by science fiction cinema that explores the relationship between form and formlessness. Lynda’s background of twenty-nine years as a graphic designer and photographer complements her painting method. Her work has been published in ArtBeat and Studio Visit magazines. Lynda’s paintings have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions nationally, including a recent solo exhibition “Synthesisions” at The New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester, NH. She currently  has a studio in Beverly, MA.

Written by Lynda Schlosberg

May 27th, 2012 at 10:31 am

Swarm Intelligence: a 15-part series on an artist’s collaborative drawing project

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Brainstorming drawing for “Many pieces loosely joined.”

On May 29th through June 3rd, 2012 I will be participating in the collaborative drawing project: “Many pieces loosely joined,” in the Marran Gallery at Lesley University, Cambridge, MA. I will be working in partnership with fellow artists from the group we call ourselves as: “Swarm Intelligence.”

Over the next several weeks I will be posting a 15-part series about the project from start to finish. It will include:

  • the mission (as we best understand it),
  • a background on the artists involved,
  • our brainstorming and pre-planning sessions,
  • materials and setting-up,
  • the physical creation of the drawing,
  • our documentation of the drawing and the process,
  • our artist talk,
  • and follow up interviews and reflections of the process from each artist’s perspective.

This will be the third installation project by Swarm Intelligence. S0me brief documentation regarding the first two projects can be seen at:

Written by Lynda Schlosberg

May 24th, 2012 at 9:19 am